Student Work 2019

Wallpaper* is a London-based design and art magazine that values beauty in everyday aspects of life. This magazine was redesigned to inspire the influential and more accurately emulate the design of their creative audience.

Awards: Graphis New Talent Annual 2021 (Gold)

Hotel Mont-Blanc
Student Work 2020

The Hotel Mont-Blanc is a quaint five-star hotel in the heart of Chamonix, France. Newly renovated on the interior but still the original French charm on the exterior, this place offers modern luxury and European charm. The brand was redesigned to reflect the refined elegance the hotel offers, while countering that with a modern twist.

Home Is Where The Heart Is
Senior Capstone Project

What does “home” mean? How can we feel “at home” somewhere other than our physical house? These are the questions I set out to find in my senior project. 
Home means something specific and different to everyone. It is a combination of physcial, social, and emotional elements that are deeply personal. While the physical aspect of home is important, I found that the social and emotional side of home is even more important.

This exhibition displays a collection of responses about what home means to different people, and why it is important to them.

Dr. Martens
Student Work 2019

Dr. Martens is a shoe company based out of London that is heavily inspired by British youth culture. This rebrand updates their signage, packaging, and website to more accurately reflect the distinctive and revolutionary attitude of their rebellious consumers. 

Motion Posters
Student Work 2020

Motion Posters Series: moving posters designed in Cinema 4D that advertise a fake concert series for the musical artist Remi Wolf. 

Cargo Collective
Frogtown, Los Angeles